Online Class | Covid19

Online Class | Covid19

Apr 17, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has led almost every Australia state to close schools, in a major disruption to the public education system. During this time, we are pleased to announce that the Australian Harbour International College will be providing online classes for Term 2, 2020. The online classes begin from April 20, 2020. The orientation for the classes was held on 10th April using Zoom plus AHIC Moodle. It was quite successful.

ZOOM is the Online Platform where students will attend supervised classes with a Dedicated Trainer. Students will get an email invitation to attend classes, where the student needs to click on the link to attend. Alternatively, the Link will also be provided on Moodle, where students can click on the link to attend a class within a given time frame. Students will be receiving an Email in order to also attend live classes.

Alternatively, Students can login to Moodle, enter specific units and click on the Weekly Link to attend class. Moodle is the Online Learning Platform. All Assessments will be uploaded in Week 1 under the Face to Face Delivery Materials folder.


For enrolled students please check your Moodle and follow the steps carefully. The class schedules and units are provided in your email and e-learning platform.

Any academic issues, please email at